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Vegas recap: this season is all about the FUN!

Isabel Pritchett

Vegas is ALWAYS a good time, there is no denying that! We’ve been going to Vegas for 11 years now to the Magic Trade show and it honestly never gets old. Magic happens twice a year and every time we go we always find such great pieces and it gets us pumped for the next few seasons to come!

This trip was no different. The trends are fun and full of life. The colors scream fall, but in a bright poppy way. This fall and winter is all about having FUN so you know we’re ALL IN!

My process is usually the same each year and there are a few things I’m always focused on. First is the colors. I look to see what the big colors are of the season. The Pantone colors of the year dictate what companies make, but it doesn’t always dictate what we end up buying. If you babes HATE a certain color and we’ve tried it before, chances are I’m not going to buy it for the store. I focus on the colors that you love and have bought in the past.

This year I saw a ton of bright burgundy, not the usual dark and muted burgundy that we see every fall. I saw a lot of cobalt and Lilac. The Lilac was so beautiful on the sweaters and jackets we saw!

Lets talk PATTERNS! Let me just tell you how insanely cute all the patterns were. Remember how I told you that our store is filled with STARS, LEOPARD + TIE DYE. Fall and Winter will be no different. We saw so many fun variations of those 3 patterns and they’re all going to start coming in soon!

FALL + WINTER is all about the cozy. SHERPAS in every color, pattern and style. Fur jackets were also on our radar and we found so many great styles it was hard to pick from them all! Aside from the furry and the fuzzy, we trend spotted puffer jackets in a color block pattern, solid colors and the colors ranged from muted to pops of bright colors. 

ALL SET? We are! The sets we ordered range from causal to dressy in tie dye, leopard and solid colors. Why we love a set? You can buy and wear the pieces separately creating so many different looks, you’ll never get bored!

A few of our FAVORITE finds were a wax coated jogger (similar to what we had last fall/winter) but in an updated, subtle snake print, a hot pink puffer coat and theour newest brand, ASN Hats.

Created by 2 sisters and a brother, the hats are hand made in LA. These beautiful brimmed hats add some serious style to your look. 

CAN.NOT.WAIT for all the new goodies to come and some are already on their way! Stay tuned to our stories, social media feed and emails to stay in the know of when new items arrive! 

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