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New + Now Fabric: Corduroy

Isabel Pritchett

GRAB that warm, cozy latte and breathe in the chilly morning air because someway, somehow the first part of these days are feeling like fall. I'm so used to our Septembers being the height of the summer. (My little boys birthday is at the end of September, like the VERY end, and it has always been 90 degrees on his birthday). This year feels different. I got my hoodies out early, my light sweaters have been paired with shorts and my jeans don't feel like they're melting off my body while I'm wearing them. For us Fall lovers out there though, we're not totally hating it, am I right?!

So this quick change of season had me thinking about the one fabric that is so now, its corduroy. Every few seasons, the designers try to give corduroy a comeback, but it seems like this year they totally succeeded! 

The cuts are so perfect, the fits are so right and we're pairing these items with everything from a basic tee to a chunky sweater. 

The Pia Blazer has been an instant fav, but so has the Shea skirt. Selling out twice and now restocked in THREE colors, the newest being Rose! 

Step away from the corduroy pants, but not too far.

When I think corduroy, my first thought is my horribly fitted corduroy pants that i had in 6th grade. Jeez, were those awful. 

There was a girl in my 6th grade class, we'll call her Kelly. Well, Kelly had super cute style and she always wore this one pair of corduroy pants, but she had them in EVERY SINGLE COLOR. Hers were "designer" and at that point designer was The Limited Too. AT that time my mom couldn't afford a lot of the "designer" items so we shopped at the places she could afford. She was an AWESOME sale shopper, and honestly always found really great pieces. I had my eye on the prize. I needed corduroy pants like Kelly. We searched for hours and finally I found a pair that I thought were IT. I put them on the next day, feeling super proud of my new pants and well looking back now, there were anything but awesome, they were awful.

Funny thing is, looking back now I think they were awful, but back then everyone was complimenting them. It's all relevant, right? 

Those are tough years to begin with, but you add in really weird and horribly fitted corduroy pants in a not so cute camel color, trust me NOT cute, and I instantly start to grimace

Those days are long gone and so are those pants, thankfully. 

This seasons corduroy is cute, feminine and perfectly fitted. 

Oh wait, I can't forget about the outerwear!

The Wyatt Puffer (also available in black) is the one jacket that we're all gong to be grabbing for the second the temps dip. 

In a modern, cropped style, we've totally stolen our man's look. 

Out with the old and boring corduroy, in with the new and modern. 

If you ever need help styling certain items or just don't know what to wear with a piece, we're here for you!

So long for now!



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