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Art of Sucre

Art of Sucre, established in 2016, offers a chic upgrade to the traditional childhood treat. We're a luxury cotton candy company that specializes in every flavor you can dream of, cotton candy glitter bombs to make your drink sparkle, and custom options for brand partners and celebrations.

Delight in our fresh, creative, and unique flavors such as Champagne, Manhattan, and Watermelon. Experience the TikTok Famous Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs, where a fluffy bundle of champagne-flavored cotton candy adds a sparkling surprise to your favorite clear and bubbly drink.

Millions have marveled at the edible glitter eruption, leaving behind a dazzling spectacle. Join Art of Sucre on a mission to spread extra sweetness and discover the joy in the small things. Indulge in our delectable Cotton Candy creations and elevate your taste experience with Cocktail Glitter and Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb.