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Drip Eraser Spa Set

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Drip Eraser Spa Set
Drip Eraser Spa Set
Keep your hair dry & arms splash free with brand new Drip Eraser from The Original MakeUp Eraser! Wristbands are ultra absorbent & designed to stop the flow of water down your arms as you do your morning & nighttime skincare routine. No more wet counters, no more wet sleeves! Fluffy headband keeps hair pulled back during skincare routine. 3 pc Spa Set ✓ 2 Wristbands ✓ 1 Headband ✓ 0 Drips  ✓ Wristbands are machine washable ✓ One-size fits most  Wear when: ✓ Erasing makeup  ✓ Cleansing skin  ✓ Applying masks, serums or moisturizers 

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