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Behind the scenes with the creators of the brand, Six Fifty.

Isabel Pritchett

It's totally no secret. One of our favorite brands is Six Fifty since the DAY we started carrying it. A New York based brand with a cult-like following. I'm not kidding, literally cult-like. We have customers that will reach out to us asking about something they saw on Six Fifty's Social Media (totally follow them @sixfiftyclothing) and will literally wait an entire season to receive it. 

Why the cult-like following you ask? Once you feel the material, wear the pieces and experience what the brand is all about (it's totally all about you). What you want and how you're going to feel when you're wearing a piece by Six Fifty. 

The brand really began to stand out once I got to know the couple behind the brand, (to my right) Steve and his wife Julie. We had the opportunity to hang out with them in Las Vegas after Magic the trade show and to say that we had fun is a total understatement!

After dinner and some people watching (because Vegas is the BEST people watching) we got serious and chatted about how the brand came about and of course we had to ask some non-brand related questions!  

I hope you enjoy this little interview with Steve! 

Isabel: Why the name six fifty? Everyone asks!

Steve: The name six fifty came about because when I was a kid my dad had a clothing store (which is how I got into this business) and the street address was “650”. I heard my dad on the phone every day saying “650” this and “650” that. When it came time to name the line, I was having a lot of trouble coming up with something. One day while driving with my dad, we drove by a house with the biggest house numbers - “650” once I saw that it all clicked. It’s sentimental and pretty catchy too!

I: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

S: I find my inspiration through both my customers (the boutiques) and the end consumer. The brand started off by listening to my customers’ wants and needs and delivering on that. Since I’m not a designer by trade, I value all feedback that the customer gives me.

Also the responses we get from social media are taken very seriously. We always want to know what you guys are looking for! If you are looking for something specific, reach out to us - seriously!

I: What’s your favorite trend for fall?

S: My favorite trend right now is snake print. What’s ironic is that my biggest fear in life is snakes. I hate even looking at them. Having said that, my favorite style in the line right now is our snake moto jacket! 🐍 🧥 😎

I: Ok, let's have some fun!  What's your favorite snack?

S: Tough call! Either carvel chocolate ice-cream or movie theater popcorn. Fun fact: I’ll drive to the movie theaters every so often just to buy the popcorn and leave. My wife (and all movie theater employees) think I’m nuts. I dont care, its worth it.

I: Are you a dog or cat person?

S: That’s an easy one, dogs! I don't trust cats - they freak me out a little bit.

I: OK, last one! Favorite place to travel?

S: Tough question....I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to so many places that it would be hard to choose one. I really love Europe though. We traveled there this summer and it was a trip of a life time. I have family in Sicily that we haven’t seen in 16 years. They provided an unbelievable experience that we will never forget. We continued the trip and visited other places in Europe as well (Croatia & Greece). We documented most of the trip on Instagram which you can check out. Can’t wait to go back!

So there ya have it! The faces behind the brand! 

Make sure to follow them on Instagram @SixFiftyClothing and Youtube 







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