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Mix up a Blood and Sand

Isabel Pritchett

While gazing out the window looking at the snow fall, but dreaming about sandy beaches, the Blood and Sand cocktail is the perfect drink for days that we just don't know what season it is! 

The Blood and Sand is a warm, yet light and slight citrusy drink mixing scotch with orange juice and a cherry garnish. 

What You'll Need:

A Shaker filled with ice

1 Oz Scotch

1 Oz Cherry Liquor 

1 Oz Orange Juice

1 Oz Sweet Vermouth 

Add all the ingredients into the shaker and shake until chilled. 

Garnish with a Cherry or Orange Slice. 

Now, lets get to the fun stuff!!! After last weeks video, I had so many of you reaching out saying how helpful it was that I tried the items on for you that i was showing, so i did the same this week! 

If you missed the live video, catch it on

I picked tops that I thought we can wear now and later after we're all free to go out and be social! 

The Whitney One Shoulder Top 

Shawn Cross Over Tank also available in Coral 

Malin Off the Shoulder Top 

Jaylen Lips Tee

Skully Skull Top 

...and many more!!

If you have any questions, text me! 440-340-1878. 

I'm here to answer any and all of your questions! 


Stay safe and healthy and see you soon!!